Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Little Thing That Matters

I took Baby kick-scooting at a park near our place one evening last week.

Usually, I would slip the keys into my pocket but strangely, that day, I didn't. I held on to it all the time while I played Pokemon Go as I went along.

Baby needed me to hold her paper boat as she played at one of the playgrounds. I sat myself down at a bench and placed both the keys and the boat on the bench next to me.

After a while, Baby decided to go for the swing. I followed her. I picked up her precious boat and forgot the keys.

By the time I remembered the keys, we were at our doorstep, trying to recall where they were!

I made a 200m dash back to the park bench. I had not done such a long-distance run in at least 20 years of my life!  I ran worried and stressed, hoping against hopes that my bunch of keys would still be there.

As I sprinted, I realised I was more concerned about the pretty Hong Kong Disneyland keychain than the keys themselves. I reckoned very few potential criminals would bother to try opening the gates and doors of hundreds of flats around the park but the keychain could not be easily replaced, unless I fly to Hong Kong Disneyland again! 

Thankfully, there it was, gleaming in the setting sun! Relief and the untold joy of lost-and-found so overwhelmed me that I grinned widely at a strangerwho saw me picking up the set of keys! He knowingly smiled back at me.

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