Thursday, 18 August 2016

Bubble Party

Baby was invited to a classmate's birthday party last week. 

Nine girls were invited with a turnout of eight girls.
A party entertainer was hired. 
She came dressed up as Ariel The Little Mermaid and the trick in her hat was the bubble show.
Bubbles in a bubble
The girls could not wait to touch it!
She had a magic table which changed colours!
Multiple bubbles in one!

She taught the children and adults who were present that bubbles are sphere-shape.
Every girl had her turn to be an assistant to the magician.

Baby was asked to wear a pair of gloves and hold a bubble in her hands. Look at how careful she looks!
Ariel The Little Mermaid explained that bubbles burst when come in contact with smooth surface but last for a while when on rough surface, that's why the gloves.
All the girls had their turn in being encased by a huge bubble! 
Before she left, Ariel created a bubble crown for each little guest. The girls loved it! 
 Second round: meow!

It was a most enjoyable and inclusive party for all the little guests. Most party host focus on the birthday child alone to make the child feel special but this party host not only make the birthday girl feel special by asking her to be the first to assist her in her bubble tricks, she also included every child in every part of her show to make him or her feel special. 

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