Monday, 12 September 2016

A Different Kind Of Props

I have been asking Baby and Coco to pose with the Pokemons I am about to catch, but Baby is with me most of the time so here's sharing some of her pictures with the unusual props:
A different facade 
"I want the cute Eevee to stand on my shoulder!"
Squirtle is hungry.
Onix sitting on a macaron
How can I miss the shot with Pikachu?
Stop moving, Jolteon!
Eeks! A pitcher plant!
"I didn't know I was taking a picture with the Seel!"
She was the one who alerted me to the Snorlax in the vicinity.
"I love Dratini!"
Have a seat, Kakuna!
Meowth is a tiny cat
Wartortle looks hostile, so do I!
Be careful of Pigeotto!
Horsea can't stay calm in her palm!

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