Saturday, 3 September 2016

A Party at Forest Adventure

Baby attended a birthday party at Forest Adventure at Bedok Reservoir Park today.

At first, I was a little apprehensive that it included an obstacle course for children.

My youngest sister fell from one of the obstacles and broke her arm. The fall was so bad her arm had to be in a cast for a while. Besides safety issues, I was worried that Baby might not enjoy herself, given that it would be predictably physically demanding.

We reached Bedok Reservoir Park by cab and took a five to ten minutes' walk in before arriving at Forest Adventure. 

Before the course started, Baby was buckled in a safety harness and an explanation of how Mr Pulley worked in the course was given to the small group of children.

Fully armoured in a safety harness *with trepidation*
There she went!
The third girl waiting to go!
She said,"I am scared!" but went ahead and took her first steps anyway!
She cleared each course very quickly for a first-timer!
She asked me not to distract her when I tried to instructing her how to do it! 
This part was the hardest, according to the girls.
The nets kept swaying and the rope kept sticking to the velcro of the harness.
She didn't look like she was going to back down at all!
"Mum, must you take pictures for every obstacle I do?!!"

The whole course ended with a Flying Fox zip line down to the ground which every child enjoyed most!

So tremendously did Baby enjoy it that she RAN to do the whole course again after zipping down the Flying Fox line!

A certificate of completion of the course was awarded to each child after the activity.
Baby enjoyed the obstacle course so much that she asked to return for her birthday!

Exhausted but happy!

It was an ultra fun day for the children!

Apparently, on regular days, you need to book a slot before you make your way down to the place. Otherwise, you may have to wait for at least an hour for other children to complete their rounds before you get to do yours.

For prices, opening hours, booking of slots and other useful information, do visit their website at

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