Thursday, 15 September 2016

Affinity, Finally!

I finally caught my first Aerodactyle and registered it to my Pokedex as the 141st Pokemon for the local finds!

After missing it twice at my place, I have been wondering when it would ever visit my estate again. As it was the last local Pokemon for my Pokedex, I have been looking high and low (on the map) to check where it frequents. Recently, I observed that it has been visiting Fort Canning Park and the museums around it. I was toying with the idea of parking myself at Fort Canning Park to hopefully snag an Aerodactyle.

Anyway, back to my panting journey of how I caught it:

I was cooking a pot of barley water when I was looking through the map to see if there was anything catch-worthy around my block when I noted that there was an Aerodactyle in the estate next to mine.

I was hoping that the Aerodactyle could come to my estate next, and hopefully jump into my lap so that I could catch it.

Then I saw it.

It was a 15-minute run but I saw the timer was left with 13 minutes.

And I was cooking barley!

Sigh. I whatsapped my sister living within a 10-minute quick walk there and asked if she could go catch it but she said she was too lazy to even buy a bread.

Sigh two.

Then I received a Tweeter notification from sgpokemap that an Aerodactyle was spotted at the same spot!

I checked the map again, and indeed, the timer had restarted at 15 minutes!

This time, I turned off the stove, put on my track shoes and dashed out of the door!

I didn't stop to check the time as I felt that the most such checking would do for me was to demoralise me and slow me down. If I would not catch it, no amount of checking would help. If I would catch it, it would probably be because I didn't check the timer and was disillusioned that I still had time.

However, my shoelace came loose due to the vigorous brisk walk coupled with a bit of running.

I had to stop to give it a quick tie before resuming my brisk walk cum run.

Nearing the school where the flying beast was found, I checked the timer: I had more than 4 minutes left! Great! I see hope!

I started running. I was not going to lose the beast when I was so close to it!

'The back of the school ... The back of the school ...'

My darned shoelace came loose again! But no, I was not going to lose time re-tying it! 

What? A slope? No. Before I detoured to avoid the slope, I checked if the slope was gentle enough for me to glide down, even if it looked like one-storey high!

Yes! As if by some divine help, the slope, for the first time, looked surmountable!

And I kept on running. *pant* *pant*

And there it was!

I was left with about 1 minute and 50 seconds. I sprang into action immediately.

It took a few tries before the menacing looking dino-bird was caught! I was starting to worry that it might get away. Fortunately, it didn't.

With that, my left knee started to ache.

I'll have to tone down on my chasing from now on. 

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