Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Cold

My prolonged cold has been diagnosed as 'sinus infection/inflammation' by the second doctor.

He prescribed a nasal spray, antibiotics and flu pills, and taught me how to use the nasal spray.

On seeing that I was flabbergasted to be prescribed a nasal spray and resistant to its use, he 'threatened' that pill-popping could only achieve 40% healing effect while a nasal spray would help the healing by 90%. He even reminded me a few times to use the nasal spray for at least three weeks, even when I 'feel' recovered. Yikes!

I am not a sleeper so the flu medicine does its magic yesterday to get me a 45-minute nap and a close-to-six-hour sleep at night.

Amy Cheung wrote that 'a lonely person's cold lasts longer (than an average person's) because she herself doesn't wish to recover 寂寞的人,感冒会拖得特别的久,因为她自己也不想痊愈'.

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