Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Highest Form Of Playing

I was in an area with four lure stations alongside a canal with numerous Pokestops catching Pokemons tonight.

While catching the Pokemons that appeared on my screen, I saw Hitmonchan on the map across the road.
"Hey, wanna fight?"

So I walked over and caught him. (Yes, it's a he!)

As I was walking back to the lure stations, a crowd of players were moving in the direction I was going back from.

I assumed they were going for Hitmonchan but could not resist stopping a guy in his track and asked, just in case I missed something,"Where are you going? What are you going for?"

The guy readily replied,"Dunno. Just follow blindly."

Wah ... the highest form of Pokemon Go playing!

Crowd-moving happened again after that episode. I asked a few players what they were going for, and each time, they said,"I also dunno. Just follow."

I later realised, from the map, that it was a Dragonair across the canal.

Now, that was a valid reason to follow the crowd!
An elegant ice queen to behold!

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