Monday, 19 September 2016

An Acupuncture Experience


Ignore the pig's trotters!

Under my friend's recommendation, I decided to go to a Chinese medical hall for consultation for my painful left knee. 

I am not exactly sure what caused the pain. It could be the frequent running around in slippers in my pursuit of the Pokemons, or the trip-over I had when my gaze was overly fixed on the Machamp on the map, or it could be a combination of both.

The wait for the consultation took an hour. A female physician.

I have met many impatient female doctors but this physician was pleasant. 

This was my second time receiving an acupuncture treatment. The first time was not painful so I had expected this not to be either. However, the moment she stuck the needle in, I jolted a little because of the pain.

Then she proceeded to stick two other needles into my legs.

An intense, sore sensation travelled all the way from my calf to my foot!

I felt miserable and told the physician the feeling I was going through.

It seemed she adjusted the position of the needle and it was fine after that.

After the acupuncture, I was thankful that I was immediately relieved from the gait that I had been walking with for about a week.

Before I left, the physician advised me to wear long pants so that my knees would be protected from the cold air. She also reminded me not to bathe within two hours of acupuncture. She assured me that I would get well, just that it may take a longer time to recover depending on how much I had strained my knee after I had injured it.

I left after settling my bill of $16.

Am I glad I came!

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Leonardo said...

I used to have knee issues like you before I received acupuncture treatments. Nothing I tried before this worked. I used to play college football and have struggled with the stress that my knees went through from playing on the line against 300 pound men. Without acupuncture treatments, I would still be in daily pain and extremely unhappy.

Leonardo @ US Health Works