Friday, 9 September 2016

Love Seed Hunting

After countless tenacious hunts for Pokemons, I finally took out a day to go on a search for Love Seeds or saga seeds with Baby.

This mummy's blog was a great help. I locked in Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West opposite Blocks 126 and 134 for my search.

It was not difficult to find the flats. A train ride to Yio Chu Kang MRT Station and a bus ride three bus-stops down and we were there in no time.

By the above blog's virtue, I learnt to identify the trees by their tiny leaves and the browned seed pods that were aplenty on the trees.

It was not too much of a chore looking for the trees.
Block 126 from the hill slope where we picked the seeds
Block 134 at the same place
View from under the tree 
She had wanted to do this for a long time!
We kept a look-out for these dried seed pods that had fallen off the tree. Some still had seeds attached to the pods. She had a great time plucking them off!

Besides seed-picking, we also had some real-life Science lessons there:
She noticed two mushrooms growing on an old root.
Under the saga seed tree, we found a broken branch with a few bracket fungi!
There was a gigantic bird's nest fern under the tree. I showed her the spores and encouraged her to touch the brown powdery stuff to feel how it was like while explaining that these are what a fern reproduces by.
I pointed out to her that grass bears little white flowers.

We found rather few seeds. I surmised most seeds have been picked by other seed-hunters, given that such trees are getting fewer these days.
The tree nearer to the road, opposite Block 126.

As it was more accessible to the passers-by, I was not surprised that this tree had even fewer seeds to pick from.
Our harvest for the day!

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