Saturday, 10 September 2016

Sheer Coincidence

I was on my way home with Baby after a happy purchase from Smiggles.

Seeing that there were only two pathetically low-CP Pokemons occupying the gym at the MRT station, I decided to take it down while waiting for the train. 

To my dismay, my avatar moved away from the virtual gym after I had won the battles. I could not place my Pokemon in the gym!

As I boarded the train, I realised that the gym had been occupied by another team.

I tapped on the gym to look at the cursed fellow who took advantage of my battling effort. 
The uncommon nick looked familiar. I snapped a screenshot of it and Whatsapped my elder sister,"Is this you?"

And she was indeed on the same train!

She said with a lot of gumption that she saw that the gym was empty so she placed her Pokemon in to earn the ten Pokecoins for the day!

I told her I was the one who took the gym down and we had a good laugh over the coincidence.

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