Friday, 2 September 2016

Rumour Busted!

There have been talks about how to hatch your Pokemon eggs by getting gadgets to help you cover distance. 

A few I have heard:

1) Owners of train-with-track sets place their handphone on the train and let it run.
2) Some tie their handphone to the ceiling fan and let the handphone turn with the fan.
3) Owners of Roomba place their handphones on it to let it run its course.

I had dismissed them as suppositions, rumours and even foolish talks and not something to be taken seriously, but as the Chinese proverb goes, 三人成虎,meaning if enough people tell you that there is a tiger on the street, you would believe the rumour you had at first dismissed.

I succumbed to the hear-say and decided to invite Mr Roomba to verify if what the online talks were true.

Before I did the experiment, I plastered my handphone on Roomba in case he knocked into furniture or climbed over an obstacle and caused my phone to fall off. 

The starting distance was 1.79km.

After Roomba whirled around for 45 minutes, I checked the distance covered: 1.9km.

A grand total of 110m was covered.

Hello, I could do better than that just walking around for 45 minutes!

Don't believe everything you read on the Internet.

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