Friday, 23 September 2016

The Beauty of the Game

As I was walking along the canal where Lapras had appeared half an hour ago, I lifted my eyes and saw the mellow evening sky above the murky water.

Pokemon Go players are called 'zombies' in Singapore for the typical behaviour of staring intently at their handphones as they walk. I like to think that we are better than that. Oftentimes, the ones who walk distractedly are not the Pokemon Go players. I have encountered my fair share of idiots who deliberately walked into my path just to prove that I was distracted by my game!

One of the beauties of this game is that it encourages players to get out of their house to explore the surroundings. Because of this game, I am more aware of the sculptures, statues and buildings in Singapore that I would otherwise never have noticed.
It brought me out to the secluded beach I can't find a good reason to go.
And in turn, nature beckoned me to check an unusual tree out.
What curious flower this is!

No. We are not zombies, or phombies.


Karmeleon said...

Canon Ball Tree and it's Flowers. :D

Rain said...

Wow! You're very knowledgable! Thanks! Didn't even know it exists :)