Sunday, 4 September 2016

Pokemon Harvest Day

I visited my parents after church today. 

I kept a lookout on Go Radar for Pokemons I wanted. I still need some Squirtles and Charmanders for their final evolvements ie. Blastoise and Charizard. It would be nice to chance upon rare ones for my Pokedex as well.

I saw at least three Dratinis in Go Radar at Waterfront Park at close intervals and wished I were there. 

Then out of the blue, I saw Lapras' silhouette in Go Radar just down the street at the traffic junction, with eleven minutes left before it disappeared! Without further checks by tapping on the silhouette for the name to confirm that it was Lapras, I shouted to my brother who was in his room,"Z! Lapras!" and bolted out of the door!

As I ran, I saw a few players running or walking hastily like I was doing.

Then I saw the small crowd and my beloved Lapras!
My neighbour's son had told me that '???' meant that the CP would be the highest among all your existing Pokemons.

Needless to say, the first thing I did was to feed Lapras a Razz Berry. Then I sprang into action. The first Ultra Ball did not even reach Lapras as the Pokemon was standing very far away.

I panicked a little and my second ball missed Lapras!

I composed myself and threw the third ball. 

It hit Lapras!

After a little vibration, Lapras was caught!

A small crowd formed at the end of the street while those who managed to net Lapras could not help but wear a wide smile on their faces.

Two lines of cars stopped by the roadside for the purpose of catching Lapras.

After catching the rare Pokemon, I called my brother on the phone to hasten him to 'come down and catch Lapras'. Apparently, he did not hear me shouting 'Lapras!' at home earlier on.

However, my brother did not manage to catch it. It fled after repeatedly breaking free from his Balls.

I Whatsapped my friend about my happy catch and we had a short exchange about my luck in encountering rare Pokemons. My friend noted that it seemed the rare Pokemons 'come to' me without me hunting for them all over the island like her sister did.

After that, I packed up and went for my dinner before going to Causeway Point Mall to watch a movie with William and the girls.

As we were queuing for a cab to head home after the movie, I checked Go Radar again, not expecting to find anything unusual, but I saw this:
I did a double take on the silhouette because I could not believe my luck and eyes! I tapped on the silhouette to confirm that it was indeed Snorlax, and we had a fair bit of time ie. eleven minutes to catch it. 

I had just caught a Snorlax at Causeway Point last Friday! And I just caught a Lapras today!

I told William and Coco about it and we decided to go for Snorlax. Baby was sleepy but knowing how rare Snorlax was, she held out for us and walked with us to the interchange to find the powerful Pokemon.

The beginning of the formation of a crowd. Not the sharpest picture as catching Snorlax was the higher priority!
As this would be my fourth Snorlax, I was more 'relaxed' compared to William and Coco, so I asked the ecstatic Coco who had caught the sleepy bear to take a picture with him before I started on my catch.
I snapped a picture of our location when we returned to the taxi stand. This picture would be a more accurate indication of where we were when I saw Snorlax on the app. 

Two rare and powerful Pokemons in a day. A harvest day for me indeed!

I spotted another Snorlax on Go Radar near a traffic junction when we returned home by cab! There was a jam as we tried to enter the area as players were crowding the place and cars had to move very slowly.

However, Coco and I, as well as other players, noticed that we did not have Snorlax on our Sightings window when we were searching for him.

Coco said she heard other players commenting that it was a prank as nobody managed to catch Snorlax.

After we reached home, while I was out searching for Charmander, I overheard a group of friends mentioning that one of the girls caught Snorlax at the traffic junction earlier when the rest of them didn't even see him!

That was an unusual experience with Go Radar though, as so far it has been a very reliable app. 

Although that was a slight damper in my hunt for Snorlax, the day was all in all a great day in farming the two rare Pokemons. Couldn't ask for more!

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