Saturday, 24 September 2016

What I Can't, Cold Can

This morning, I tipped the scale at the above number. 

A few days of cold, fever and incessant perspiring were probably the ones that made this possible.

My diet has been porridge and soup as I don't have the appetite to eat the more oily stuff like chicken rice and fried food. 

What I couldn't achieve, a cold did!

I am feeling much better now. Strong enough to run after a Dragonite which finally came to my neighbourhood again!
Found him!
On the road - a tough one to catch. 
The fellow Dragonite chasers


Karmeleon said...

Wah, yours always got such crowd. The Snorlax I caught - I didn't even see any crowd. :p

Rain said...

Rares are comparatively common here so interest in PoGo is high :)