Friday, 30 September 2016


It was a bad catch day for me yesterday.

The rares seemed to run away from me all the time after at least a berry and one ultra ball. 
The loss was especially keenly felt with Blastoise.
I was just thinking that Blastoise was the only Pokemon that I had not seen in the wild but each time it appeared, it was a 15-minute run for me which I wouldn't risk my life in doing.

At twelve midnight last night, it finally came to the private housing area about 12-minute away.

I ran to it and captured it on my screen within the last minute.

But it fled after a berry and a ball!

Strangely, Blastoise returned today, a few blocks and a street away!
But my ecstasy was short-lived. The cp was ridiculously low.
Following that, William Whatsapped me to tell me that he tried catching a Snorlax for me but it fled.
Immediately I realised I was soft-banned!

When I turned the Pokestops, no balls or potions appeared.

I quickly turned the Pokestops 40 times before the ban was lifted. Of course, I cautioned William never to log into my account ever again.

As you can see, I seem to have many Pokemons running away from me these few days. Not sure if it was because I had tried the trick William taught me - setting the clock back by 20 minutes for the Incense to last longer. Usually I play by the rules but after hearing all types of hacks tried by others, I decided to try one of the most harmless ones. 

But it seems the trying is not worth the trouble. In fact, I am getting more than what I have bargained for.

Sigh. Honesty is the best policy, even in Pokemon Go.


Karmeleon said...

Got Ban one ah? I didn't know.

Rain said...

Niantic does soft-ban first before permanently ban cheaters or spoofers so it's always safer to play the game yourself :)