Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Pokemon Paranoia

Coco and I dashed out of the door to catch a Dratini with a six-minute allowance. 

As we were walking back from the easy catch, I felt that people were walking in a somewhat hurried fashion in the opposite direction as we.

I told Coco,"I am getting paranoid ..." but at the same time, I tapped on my Go Radar just to make sure my paranoia was not valid.

True enough. There was a Ninetales a traffic light away!

While I already have one in my Pokemon bag, it would be a new addition to Coco's Pokedex.

So we turned around and started our way to the location.

As the traffic light turned green, Pokemon Go players sprinted across the road to the playground hidden behind the blocks of flats.

We literally formed one single file of runners to the prized spot. The Pipe Piper's story came to my mind. The basketball court of basketballers must have thought it a funny sight to behold!

There it is, golden and beautiful in all its glory!

I am not the only one who is afflicted with the Pokemon Paranoia condition. I was sending my nephew to a bus-stop near my house when he asked,"No other Pokemon already, right?" after we caught a Chansey. I gave Poke Alert a quick check to see that there was a Charmander nearby. 

When asked how he knew there was a Pokemon around, he said that people were walking in a particular direction different from us!

After our Ninetales catch, Coco also developed a similar condition. "Look, Mum! The scooter-riders are going somewhere! There must be something nearby!"

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